Managed Data Platform

One simple platform to collaborate in to unify all your data, analytics and AI workloads. Completely unburdened so you can focus on your organization

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A data platform for your business

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The benefits

A managed data platform is a service that allows you to store, process and analyze large amounts of data without having to build and maintain the underlying infrastructure. This can provide several benefits, including

  • Accessible anywhere: Your insights on your mobile, tablet or laptop. At the office or on the road, you always have the insights at your fingertips.
  • Less operational overhead: By using a managed service, you avoid having to hire specialized personnel to maintain and update the infrastructure.
  • Scalability: A managed data platform can easily scale up or down as needed to accommodate changes in data volume and usage.
  • Cost Savings: By not having to invest in and maintain the infrastructure, you can save money on hardware and personnel costs.
  • High availability: Managed data platforms often offer guarantees of high availability and can automatically handle failovers and replication.
  • Greater flexibility: With a managed data platform, your organization can focus on core activities and make data-driven decisions quickly, instead of spending time on IT operations and maintenance.
  • Better security: Managed data platform providers will often have more advanced security measures and expertise than an organization itself could provide.

Daan's experience

"The insights of experts has proven very helpful"

With the help of RevoData, our team has significantly improved its knowledge of Databricks; gaining valuable insights from experts has proven very useful in setting up our data store for Platforms & Technologies.
Daan - Product Lean, ABN AMRO

Daan - Product Lean, ABN AMRO