Don't just think about the possibilities - make them a reality. Invest in proven solutions after a successful proof-of-concept and change your organization for the better.

Magic to you. Revolution to your business.

Transform your organization and differentiate your in the market with Data & AI

Get a clear picture of where you stand within 5 days

Day 1

Lay the foundation for a successful proof-of-concept

  • Rolling out the Databricks Data Platform
  • Stakeholder interviews and determine the use case
  • Define the success criteria

Day 2 & 3

After all, it's all about data

  • Adding data to the platform
  • Understanding business processes within the scope of use cases and associated data
  • Running the first analysis

Day 4 & 5

Tell the story with data

  • Analyze the available data
  • Establish several hypotheses
  • Experiment and simulate the different scenarios
  • Develop the story and define the value
  • Elevator pitch to the board

Travis' experience

"Extensive data and hands-on experience."

At Databricks, we speak daily to companies looking to become more data-driven. However, defining the right approach and aligning the necessary resources can be challenging. That's why dedicated partners like RevoData have proven to be instrumental in our clients' success. With their extensive data experience and hands-on experience, RevoData has been able to accelerate multiple organizations in their Data and AI journey.

Travis, Director of Datarbicks

Travis, Director of Datarbicks