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You have implemented Databricks and some of your engineers are Databricks certified. Still, you want to give them additional training or are looking for a solution to retrain the rest of your team. Or maybe you want to train your employees prior to their Databricks exams to ensure a high pass rate. Our Databricks Training offers small-group sessions tailored for different roles, from entry-level to specialized positions such as Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Platform Engineer and Data Steward. Tap into your trainer's experience and discuss your challenges to maximize the value of the training.

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Discover our comprehensive training programs who, why, what and when.

Who: Can your team(s) benefit from our training?

  • Teams new to Databricks
  • Role-specific training for:
  • Data Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Platform Engineers
  • Data Stewards
  • Databricks enthusiasts who want to become certified
  • If you want to implement self-service analytics in your organization

Why: The benefits of Databricks training

  • Improve the capabilities of all team members: learn the skills necessary to use Databricks effectively. Have you ever seen a great car and felt that the owner did not drive it well?
  • Role-specific learning: ensuring that each team member receives training relevant to their role. You no longer pay for generic training, but see a strong investment in targeted training where they can bring in examples they face every day.
  • Increased productivity: when everyone uses Databricks at full capacity, collaboration and efficiency are greatly enhanced. You can drive a race car to the grocery store or F1.
  • Stay competitive and up-to-date: Dataricks is constantly adding updates and changes. Strengthen your team with the latest knowledge and best practices.

What: RevoData's training unpacked

Our Databricks Training can be customized from day one or can be generic entry-level training for the entire team, followed by specific training for each role.

Basic Training

  • Gain fundamental knowledge of Databricks.
  • Learn to navigate the platform, manage data and perform basic operations.

Data Engineer Training

  • Dive into data ingestion, transformation and storage techniques.
  • Explore data processing, optimization and ETL best practices.

Machine Learning Engineer Training

  • Master the tools and techniques for developing ML models in Databricks.
  • Learn to efficiently evaluate, optimize and deploy models.

Data Analyst Training

  • Discover advanced analysis and visualization techniques.
  • Unleash the power of Databricks for data-driven insights.

Platform Engineer Training

  • Understand platform architecture, configuration and security best practices.
  • Learn to manage and optimize resources for peak performance.

Data Steward Training

  • Explore data governance, compliance and data quality management.
  • Develop strategies for maintaining data integrity and privacy.

When: The time of the training.

  • You just implemented Databricks: Reduce the time it takes a new team member to learn about your data landscape. Increase employee retention by ensuring newcomers immediately feel they can contribute and add value.
  • Role changes or promotions: Eliminate the initial doubts or fears the employee feels after a promotion regarding the new technology they will be working with. Preparing your team for new responsibilities and setting them up for success.
  • Periodic refreshers: Keep your team updated on the latest developments and best practices in Databricks and the data landscape.

RevoData's comprehensive Databricks Training equips your team with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today's data-driven world. By offering both team training and specialized courses for each role, you can ensure that your team receives customized, targeted and relevant training. Stay ahead of the competition and give your team the expertise they need to succeed.

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