Water & Geo

Bring your data into a central place for research, create specialized geo-search methods, and experience the possibilities offered by Mosaic and Databricks.

Services for water boards, research centers and anyone with geo data.

Transform your organization and stand out in the market with Data & AI

Map all your geo-data.

Your organization becomes more effective by:

  • Predicting geo changes 
  • Gain insights by combining various data
    sources in 1 place.
  • Reducing the need to send teams on site by importing video footage based on which investigators can see results from behind their laptops. 
  • Optimizing infrastructure such as levees and wind turbines through predictive maintenance.

While you

  • Increases the productivity of employees and researchers.
  • Creating a 360-degree view of your geo data for countless applications.
  • The sustainability of your operations improves,

Sjoerd's experience

"We steer 70% by numbers and 30% supplemented by our intuition and experience."

We didn't have anything in place. Data was scattered and often in all kinds of excel files. We thought AI was only for the big players. RevoData's approach was clear and practical. The world is very different now. We are in control and steering for 70% on numbers and 30% supplemented by our intuition and experience.

Picture of Sjoerd, Eigenaar van De Keizer Marine Engineering

Sjoerd, Owner of De Keizer Marine Engineering