Well-Architected Review

Improve your organization's Data & Analytics performance with our two-day Well-Architected review. Optimize your data architecture, data security and data privacy.

Magic to you. Revolution to your business.

Transform your organization and stand out in the market with Data & AI

Aligned with business strategy with a clear action plan

Is this for you?

For companies already active in Data and possibly AI. A review to see if you are still getting maximum value from your data platform today. Is everything still in place and ready to go for another year?

What are we going to do?

RevoData's 2-day review includes the following elements:

Day 1
  • Initial consultation: our team meets with you to discuss their current data and analytics environment and identify any specific areas of concern.
  • Architecture and design assessment: We conduct a detailed assessment of your data and analytics architecture and design, including the use of best practices and industry standards.
  • Identification of areas for improvement: including any scalability, performance and/or security issues.
  • An initial presentation of the review team's findings.
Day 2
  • Create recommendations and action plan to improve your data platform.
  • Follow-up Support: Our experts provide follow-up support to help you implement the recommended changes and ensure that their data and analytics environment runs smoothly, and keeps running.
  • Final Report: We prepare a final report summarizing the entire process, findings and implemented recommendations.
  • Check-in: Because the delusion of the day quickly recurs, we also like to come back again. Together we look at what has already been done and what is still needed.

What does it get you?

The top 3 deliverables of a well-designed review for a data platform are:

  • A detailed architecture documentation of the current data platform, describing the various components and their interconnections.
  • A list of recommendations for improvements and optimizations to the current data platform, focused on increased performance, scalability and availability.
  • A plan for implementing the recommendations, with a timeline and a list of responsible parties

Travis' experience

"Extensive data and hands-on experience."

At Databricks, we speak daily to companies looking to become more data-driven. However, defining the right approach and aligning the necessary resources can be challenging. That's why dedicated partners like RevoData have proven to be instrumental in our clients' success. With their extensive data experience and hands-on experience, RevoData has been able to accelerate multiple organizations in their Data and AI journey.

Travis, Director of Datarbicks

Travis, Director of Datarbicks