Our solutions

Because every industry has unique challenges, we offer customized solutions that maximize Databricks and increase your competitive advantage.

Our experts are ready to help you build a modular data platform with Databricks, accelerate your implementation through our industry accelerators and build specific applications for your business.

Retail, Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Gain insight into customer behavior, optimize inventory and accelerate sales to your target audience with our dedicated retailtics solutions in Databricks.

At Databricks, we speak daily to companies looking to become more data-driven. However, defining the right approach and aligning the necessary resources can be challenging. That's why dedicated partners like RevoData have proven to be instrumental in our clients' success. With their extensive data experience and hands-on experience, RevoData has been able to accelerate multiple organizations in their Data and AI journey.

Picture of Travis, Director van Databicks

Travis, Director of Databicks

Financial Services

Automate the onboarding process, make risks transparent, and increase your returns with our risk management solutions in Databricks.

"Using RevoData has significantly improved our team's knowledge of Databricks; gaining valuable insights from a Databricks Champion has proven very helpful in setting up our data store for Platforms & Technology."

Picture of Daan, Product Lead, ABN AMRO

Daan, Product Lead, ABN AMRO

Water and geo companies

Get insights into geo-data using Mosaic and Databricks Create a central data platform to make information available for research, or build a maps search functionality.

"We had nothing in place. Data was scattered and was often in all kinds of excel files. We thought AI was only for the big players. RevoData's approach was clear and practical. The world is very different now. We are in control and steering for 70% on numbers and 30% supplemented by our intuition and experience."

Picture of Sjoerd, eigenaar De Keizer Marine

Sjoerd, owner De Keizer Marine