Our services

You can turn to us for services at any stage of your journey. Whether you are at the beginning, have not yet made technology choices or have set a budget.

Value Assessment

With a our consulting approach, we help you develop a compelling story to support investment in Data & AI.

Proof of Concept

Start validating value and technical feasibility. The Proof-of-Concept service is designed to try out Databricks and build the business case.

Databricks Consultancy

Strengthen your Data & AI initiatives with Databricks consultancy: expertise and flexible capacity at your service.

Databricks Training

Empower your team with Databricks training: role-based learning for a data-centric future.

Maturity Assessment

Assess and improve your organization's Data & AI maturity with a comprehensive maturity assessment.

Well-Architected Review

A well-thought-out review reveals the state of your data architecture. It reveals the quality, spot the risks and allows you to improve.