Financial Services

Minimize risk, create a more engaging customer experience and achieve higher returns on assets

Magic to you. Revolution to your business.

Transform your organization and stand out in the market with Data & AI

Building safer and more inclusive financial services with (alternative) Data + AI as the foundation

Becomes more effective by

  • Predicting risk in new and existing customers for your financial products
  • Get real-time insights and notifications on suspicious or possible fraudulent activity
  • Personalize your financial product offerings and customer experience

While you

  • Know your customer (KYC) set up
  • Reduce risk or recognize money laundering/fraudulent activities
  • Remains compliant with organizational procedures or legal regulations such as GDPR / AVG

Daan's experience

"The insights of experts has proven very helpful"

With the help of RevoData, our team has significantly improved its knowledge of Databricks; gaining valuable insights from experts has proven very useful in setting up our data store for Platforms & Technology.

Daan - Product Lead, ABN AMRO

Daan - Product Lead, ABN AMRO