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Industry solutions

It's all about strengthening your business through our expertise in Data & AI. We understand that industries have unique challenges, which is why we offer customized solutions that enhance your competitive advantage.

Our experts are ready to implement the latest technologies and help you build a modular data platform with Databricks.

We believe in the power of cross-fertilization between different industries and apply these insights to create innovative solutions.

With our Data & AI services, we put you in control of your data so you can harness its full potential and grow your business.

Retail & Supply Chain

Gain insight into customer behavior, reduce inventory and optimize sales with our advanced retail solutions at Databricks.
BridgeFund - Julian

"New opportunities."

Financial Services

Make risks transparent, gain insight into customer behavior and increase your returns with our risk management solutions at Databricks.

"Insight and action."


Take control of your supply chain, deliver high product quality, and minimize defects through intelligent use of Data & AI solutions.
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"Greatly improved quality"

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Our services

You can turn to us for services at any stage of your journey. Whether you're at the beginning, haven't made technology choices yet or have set a budget. Or if you're already in the process of implementation. In addition, we offer services that take place months after delivery and can help you manage your data platform.


Value assessment

With a our consulting approach, we help you develop a compelling story to support investment in Data & AI.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Start validating value and technical feasibility. The Proof-of-Concept service is designed to try out Databricks and build the business case.

Maturity assessment

Assess and improve your organization's Data & AI maturity with a comprehensive maturity assessment. ta-driven future.

Databricks Consultancy

Strengthen your Data & AI initiatives with Databricks consultancy: expertise and flexible capacity at your service.

Databricks Training

Empower your team with Databricks training: role-based learning for a data-centric future.

Well-Architected Review

A well-thought-out review reveals the state of your data architecture. It reveals the quality, spot the risks and allows you to improve.

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Winning together as a team, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Driven to unleash our potential and exceed expectations. We are competitive and challenge each other, but are always there for each other. We choose the best players, those who play with heart and courage to win. We coach and inspire a diverse team that is unbeatable as one, where every player contributes to victory

Our values

We believe in building a strong culture with a clear purpose: autonomy, mastery and self-discovery are key elements.

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