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Industry solutions

Our industry-specific solutions in Data & AI services help your business excel in your specific field. Our expert consultants help you apply the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage.

Retail & Consumer goods

Retail data analysis: Gain insight into customer behavior and optimize sales with our advanced retail solutions.
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"New opportunities."

Financial services

Discover hidden risks and increase your returns with our advanced AI risk-assessment solutions.

"Valuable insights."

Transportation and Production

Supply chain analytics and logistics optimization: increase your efficiency and reduce costs with our advanced AI solutions
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"Surprising results."

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Our services

Take advantage of our Data & AI services and unlock the full potential of your data. Our expert consultants offer the best solution for your business.


Value assessment

With an independent consulting approach, we help you develop a compelling story to justify the investment in Data & AI.


Don't just think about the possibilities - make them a reality. Invest in proven solutions after a successful proof-of-concept and change your organization for the better.


Managed Data Platform

One simple private platform in the look and feel of your company. A platform to collaborate in. Completely unburdened so you can focus on your organization.

Well-Architected Review

A well-architected review provides insight into the quality and areas for improvement of your data architecture, helps you identify risks and helps you implement efficient, secure and cost-effective solutions

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The foundation of RevoData is a strong culture where knowledge and knowledge sharing is central. It sets us apart from the rest.

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We believe in building a strong culture with a clear goal: autonomy, mastery and self-development are key elements.

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