Data Analyst

About the role

Join our team of data experts as a Data Analyst in our consulting business. Use your analytical skills to unlock insights and drive strategic decisions for our clients. Be a part of a dynamic and fast-paced environment where every day brings new challenges and opportunities. Apply now to make your data skills count!



The skills you have or will develop

  • Demonstrable ability to convert data analysis into actionable insights.
  • Ability to lead by example and interact with various stakeholders, technical or business-wise.
  • Ability to solve complex problems and take a new perspective on existing solutions.
  • Strong data-driven storytelling skills to passionately get the message across.
  • Experience in working with SQL and RDBMS.
  • Knowledge of Python and PySpark.
  • Experience with Data Modeling/Data Architectures (e.g., creating Source-To-Target Mappings).
  • Strong analytical and communication skills with the ability to convey technical concepts in plain language.
  • Experience with visualization tools such as ThoughtSpot, PowerBI, Tableau, Domo.

That's a lot of skills?

Don't worry! We will teach you a lot of skills. Remember, we never stop learning!



What you will work on

  • Work as part of a highly-talented, digital-native team to develop revolutionary Data & AI solutions with DataBricks.
  • Be the Data & AI champion to drive detailed execution on time and under budget. Be data-driven to iterate and evolve our roadmaps.
  • Be the Data & AI champion and share your knowledge with the community (public speaking, blogging, video tutorials, etc.).
  • You will build highly scalable, performant, and reliable solutions that are forward-thinking in Data and AI and that benefit directly from the work you do.
  • Deliver quality solutions that provide the best user experience and make our customers happy.
  • Be a member of the team to continuously raise the performance and overall culture of the broader teams within RevoData.
  • Help us build a high-performing organization that continuously delivers digital experiences that scale and transform our customers' business.

What you bring

  • Bring the passion of building flexible, scalable, and resilient Data & AI solutions for our customers and for RevoData.
  • Show deep curiosity and inquisitiveness about customer needs and elevate the customer experience.
  • Highly organized and able to balance multiple timelines, priorities, and teams with ease. At the same time, able to quickly flex and pivot due to changing circumstances which present new opportunities for RevoData.
  • An effective communicator who can seamlessly cross between discussing high-level vision with executives to low-level tactics with the dev team.
  • A constant learner who is passionate about staying at the forefront of the Data & AI landscape through reading journals, books, or blogs.

Abolt RevoData

RevoData does more than just Data & AI. We revolutionize businesses through digital simplicity in Data & AI and lead with Databricks as our preferred partner to deliver first-class data-driven solutions.

RevoData is a place to explore potential, obliterate boundaries and push out the edges of what can be. We look for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Our culture thrives by embracing diversity and rewarding imagination.

We seek achievers, leaders, and visionaries who are insatiably curious and willing to help out wherever is needed. We seek those who naturally press an organization to think about new ideas and to try new approaches. Join the Revolution!

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