Hey you, data revolutionist!

Hey you,
data revolutionist!

A revolution is a rapid, irreversible change. It is a moment of significant change. Everything changes for organizations and the way work is done. As a Data Revolutionist, you are driving change, the revolution.

You don't stand still and look ahead. You see opportunities. Indeed, you make them a reality. If there is a mountain in your way, you go over it, around it, under it, and if you really have to, you move that thing! You have a goal and you go for it. We think the process is magical!

You look broader than Data and AI so the technology. So you also look at the people in the organization that you bring into the story. You make sure it's not a one-off. That the insights and actions are actually used in daily processes. Only then will it become an irreversible change. This a magical moment and we get energy from it.

What is the difference between a
data engineer and a data revolutionist?

Data engineer

The definition of a Data Engineer is different at many companies. As a Data Engineer, you are typically responsible for connecting, organizing and accessing data so that others in the organization can use it effectively. You have a role and do so in all assignments. You view data from a role.

Data revolutionist

The Data Revolutionist doesn't think in boxes, today you are the data engineer. Tomorrow you're the architect and next week you're developing the product roadmap. You don't really care what title you have. You have a goal, and you do everything you can to achieve it. It doesn't stop at technology. It also includes data, people it daily processes. Only with a total approach is the revolution irreversible.

What characteristics do you have?

Your foundation is technical in nature. That is the foundation on which you build. You understand concepts within a broad spectrum from architecture to modeling to programming to querying to integration. You juggle technology to surprise organizations with what is possible. And yes, more is possible today than yesterday. You are curious about what's new now. Especially how it helps you on a day-to-day basis

What techniques does a Data revolutionist use?

Engineering is your foundation, so you have an experience in public cloud (AWS, Azure and/or GCP). On top of that, we are Databricks Experts. So you have the necessary experience in that too. If you don't, don't worry, we get you upskilled quickly. (socio)Technological concepts are also not unknown to you. Think of the 12Factor App, Domain Driven Design, SOLID, Data Mesh and many more.

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Our culture

Winning together as a team, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Driven to unleash our potential and exceed expectations. We are competitive, challenging each other, yet always supporting one another. We choose the best players, those who play with heart and courage to win. We coach and inspire a diverse team that is unbeatable as a unified whole, where every player contributes to victory.

Our values

We believe in building a strong culture with a clear goal: autonomy, mastery and self-development are key elements.